Rooster wars new updates realease in cafe bazar!

Mobile Game "Rooster" with Business Gazelle Golden Best Mobile Game of the year's best game of the year from the perspective of the audience at the Festival video games Tehran and the diploma of the best games casual of the Festival video games Tehran is one of the most successful titles of the mobile gaming industry Iran counts, finally found its way to global markets.
"Brawler" before and for more than a year, as the highest-grossing Android gaming Iranians on the mess and had also passed more than two years after the official release of their daily host hundreds of thousands of users on smartphones.
Mdryk now be completely independent studio game in the App Store and Google Play has introduced two online mobile shops. Thus, the "Rooster" Iranian first mobile game will be F2P strategy is sent to the Stors.
It is worth noting that the combat system and its interface, change Shgrfty and Current version - through bars market in Farsi also made available - with what used to be the "Rooster" had seen many differences there .
"Rooster" is now in Turkey, South Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and will soon be available in special editions will be released in Europe and North America as well.

International publishing rooster wars in Google Play Store


A view Of rooster wars in new version




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