Mobile Games

One of the most useful technologies upon our century is smart phones. This tiny device was invented only for call purposes, however later on other features such as taking pictures and shooting videos and even internet connectivity were added to it. On the other hand, as smart phones got more advanced, it became a suitable device for gaming and consequently a new innovative market became to existence on mobile games. During the past two decades many companies started to produce awesome games in different genres and introduced insanely great graphical interactive contents which consequently led to new streams of revenue for them. New jobs were created and many talents in new fields came to life. In between many became sole game layers and others started to bring their own ideas to life. Pishgama Yara Kish was among those who undertook latest technologies and mixed them with the power of art and created fantastic games and applications. Since the products came from heart, it became popular not only in the region but internationally. Following you will find out some of our fantabulous games.